Scientific Program

School Science Program

The school program will provide foundational and advanced knowledge of machine learning tools for research in modern physics through lectures on selected topics, including:

Ample time will be devoted to hands-on tutorials (daily, Monday through Wednesday). Participants will also engage in a two-day hackathon (Thursday and Friday) to apply, in groups, the knowledge acquired during lectures to topical problems in industry and modern physics. To this end, while registering at the school, participants are encouraged to submit an open problem for the Hackathon sessions using this form: Call for Hackathon projects.

Participants at an early stage of their careers are welcome and encouraged to apply, and no significant background in AI is required. However, general fluency in Python coding is expected. For a productive experience, participants are encouraged to check if they possess the required background knowledge by consulting this page: Pre-exercises. A refresher tutorial is also available on this page: Scientific Computing with Python